Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey caused a devastating damage to the southern parts of Texas and Louisiana. Landing as a category 4 hurricane, Harvey produced heavy rainfall and flooding. One third of Houston was flooded due to the three landfalls of hurricane Harvey within one week. Estimated damage from hurricane Harvey is about $180 billion and will take years to rebuild.

Millions took shelter and applied for assistance. Storm surges accompanied the hurricane causing more flooding. Resorvoirs in Houston overflowed in to the already flooded neighborhoods. Nuclear powerplants exploded due to the uncontrolled contaminants and area flooding. Oil firms shut down their operations due to high winds and extreme flooding.

Hurricane Help is available for local people affected by the storms. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) delivered emergency supplies to the areas. Military and National Guard resources were deployed to help with rescue and relief operations. Employment is rising after the hurricane and the demand is increasing for Harvey Workers.

Harvey volunteers are playing a crucial role along with the government and private agencies in rebuilding. Volunteers from around the nation are contributing to the hurricane Harvey recovery in terms of spending time, offering services, donations, and so on.

Hurricane Harvey Flooding


Volunteers are needed for different cleaning, rebuilding, physical labor, and other services. Many agencies and nonprofits are recruiting volunteers to work at the shelters. People can help out at individual level by accommodating people while hurricane Harvey survivors rebuild their lost homes.

Texas food banks are accepting non perishable food items for hurricane Harvey victims. Cleaning supplies such as paper towels, wet wipes, garbage bags, tissues, and so on are being shipped in trucks to Texas from around the nation. Volunteers are needed at the nonprofits for loading, unloading, and distributing the supplies.

Regional pet shelters in Austin and Houston are seeking volunteers to take care of the displaced pets. Veterinary assistants are needed to help with pet medical issues and vaccinations.

Emergency rescue volunteers are in demand such as firefighters, pilots, fire truck drivers, and so on. Registering with local agencies is recommended for volunteers as they have estimations about the manpower and type of work available in the Harvey affected areas.

Hurricane Harvey volunteers must be prepared to face the flooding, cleaning, and other dangerous conditions. The physical and emotional stress during Harvey Volunteering may take a toll on an individual if they are unprepared. Harvey Volunteers must be strong enough to carry out the continuous work during the rehabilitation.

Hurricane Harvey Volunteer


Hurricane Harvey relief efforts require additional hurricane harvey volunteer services. You can sign up with the local agencies to help Harvey survivors in the following areas:

  • Doctor, nurse, surgeon, pharmacist, medical technician, and other medical services
  • Teacher for Harvey affected schools
  • Clearing debris and carrying out to the dumpyard
  • Laundry services for the affected people
  • Helping out at the shelters in Texas and Louisiana
  • Cooking food and serving meals at the shelters
  • Entertainer at the shelters such as singing or playing instrument
  • Legal services for hurricane survivors to help with insurance claims and lost documentation
  • Remote medical and counseling services such as answering calls and help reduce stress

Check with your local agencies that are partnering with the ones in Texas for volunteer recruitment. Some agencies offer limited volunteer positions due to the extra people applying in general categories. Special categories such as physical and mental health volunteers also require prior approval from the recruiting nonprofits.

Hurricane Harvey Volunteer Services